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Googley Me: Collect Data & Give Feedback with GoogleDocs

2013 ICE Conference & 2013 SET Connections Conference

Allison Scully

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Googley Me: Collect Data & Give Feedback with GoogleDocs

Me Students Case Managers Share student writing samples with other case managers

Collaborate on department wide testing accommodation needs

In charge of department technology (or any resource)? ...Use Google Forms and Calendar to organize reservations & keep data for planning in the following years Sped Team ...Just for Me Teachers Edit student work LIVE with GoogleDocs – Great for building writing portfolios

Quick Quizzes through forms
Fluberoo Script for easy grading

QR Codes that link to Google Forms/Docs to help students check their own understanding (and build visual literacy!)

Have students give feedback to each other Google Forms to gather data for Annual Reviews, Re-evaluations, and IEP Benchmark Updates for your caseload

Share classroom accommodation information with teachers in minutes

Collaborate with co-teachers on lessons, student progress, etc Monthly team meetings – save time by sharing
data ahead of time
Track action steps for a whole student approach

Collaborate in real time about related service minutes
Schedules for everyone, all in one place Store a master databases of ALL my student info

Keep an IEP Due Date calendar for planning and setting up IEP meetings

Phone Log to keep track of parent phone calls (and avoid “he said/she said” at tough meetings)

Create a back-up address of important files ....and emails ...and lesson materials Doctopus! "Feedback can come in many forms. Sometimes I get it by looking at students' facial expressions. At other times, I get it by looking over learners' shoulders and reading their annotations. Learners' questions or opinions help me discover what they need and where they stand." (Tovani 2) Let's try it!
tinyurl.com/SETconnections2013 To view & download templates, visit:
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