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Petition Form

No description

Nouran Maher

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Petition Form

Overview Review Submitted
Petitions Categorize Petitions Produce Statistics Login with their AUC emails and can view and sort the submitted applications.

Sort the petitions by any criteria and can export the data to excel format.

No validations from Banner - All student data is retrieved automatically. Admins can take a decision regarding each course in any given petition .

After taking decisions on each course, they move the petition from the 'pending' state to the 'processed' state.

Can move the petition to a 'Need Extra approval' state for escalation to the Senior Manager of Student Services office, who then can take a decision on the petition. Open to students who have BADM, ACCT, ECON and MICT as their first or second major on Banner. The form isn't visible to any other student. This restriction will be automatically applied.

student cannot submit a petition twice (unless the first petition has been processed.

Cannot submit the same course in a single petition more than once.

Any student can edit his petition as long as it is still in the 'pending' state.

Will receive an acknowledgment email and an SMS with the decision taken on their petition. Admins can produce statistics of how many courses have been approved/rejected at any given point in time.

Can easily differentiate between pending and processed decisions.

Can easily respond to inquiries by phone using the tracking-search option. Then, What is the admins role? Integrated Petition form Student log in with their AUC email accounts

Fields automatically retrieved from Banner
Student ID
Earned Hours
First Major
Second Major Submits petition form
Chooses the course to be added from a drop down menu that is automatically retrieved from Banner
This drop down menu will only contain ACCT, FINC, MKTG, MGMT, MOIS, INTB, OPMG and ECON sections
The Student will just click the course to be dropped from his registered courses schedule on Banner.
May write an optional comment as further information on the petition Acknowledgment email Receive an automatic acknowledgment email confirming the receipt of his forms
Can edit his responses later as long as the decision has not been processed yet. Agenda Overview of Automated Process
Testing Strategy
Support Petition is open Student submits Petition Ready For Demo? School of Business
University Information Systems Testing We will provide user accounts for real students and you can try the whole process yourself.

Come back with any feedback/improvements that you want Testing Spring Registration -> Early December

Announcement beforehand.

Testing to be finised by maxmimum 1st of November Support Technical Issues:
Nouran Maher
Mariam Riad
Mohamed Fadly THANK YOU! :)
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