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RHCN 2014 Training

No description

Robyn Clay-Williams

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of RHCN 2014 Training

Bergstrom J, Dahlstrom N, Dekker S, Petersen K. Training organisational resilience in escalating situations. In: Hollnagel E, Paries J, Woods D, Wreathall J, editors. Resilience engineering in practice: a guidebook. Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing Limited; 2011.

Amalberti R, Vincent C, Auroy Y, de Saint Maurice G: Violations and migrations in health care: a framework for understanding and management. Quality and Safety in Health Care 2006, 15:i66.

Presentation to Resilient Healthcare Net Conference
12 August 2014

Australian Institute of Health Innovation

Dr Robyn Clay-Williams and Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

Realigning work-as-imagined and work-as-done: can training help?

Awareness training – can we train this? Mentoring? First follower?

Team training – case studies, discussion, mentoring

Awareness training – do we ‘make available’ or do we impose?

Team training – regular simulation training practising teamwork, decision making under pressure, load shedding

Awareness training – ‘available’ online

Team training –’available’ online

How ?

How do we include patients?

And carers?


In the workplace?


Other staff?

Do we have leadership training?

Where does resilience fit in?

Patients ?

Clinicians ?

Leaders ?

Who ?

Awareness training – what is my attitude to Safety-I/II?

Team training – what attitudes will help here?

Awareness training – how do I increase my ability to be aware? Mindfulness?

Team training – what team skills will help here? Are there portable generic skills?

Awareness training – what is this ‘system’ and how does it really work?

Team training -what do I need to know to work more effectively in this system?

Attitudes ?

Skills ?

Knowledge ?

What ?

Awareness training – pre-vocational

Team training – on entry to workplace, reinforced regularly

Awareness training – pre-vocational

Team training – on entry to workplace, reinforced regularly

Awareness training – pre-vocational? - after an adverse event?

Team training –pre-vocational, reinforced after experience in workplace

When ?

Knowledge ?

Skills ?

Attitudes ?

Knowledge ?

Skills ?

Attitudes ?
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