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Andrew Olowe

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Social

How Did the North and Northwest Coast Change Our Prezi / Presentation On Chapter 11 Learn with us as we go through the maze Thank you for watching our presentation By : Chapter 11 Group Challenges Of Building A Country How Did the North West Mountain Police help Shape Canada? -People want to live in a safe place that has police.
-People want to feel safe and be able to sleep at night. A Difficult Start for the NWMP -The illegal whiskey trade was very bad.
-The NWMP tried to stop the Cypress Hill Massacre and bring them to justice.
-They wanted to find the people who started the whiskey trade. NWMP Forts and the Settlements Around Them The NWMP built forts to expand their area of protection. Creating Good Relations with the First Nations People -The NWMP wanted to have a good relation with the First Nations.
Get them to be on their side The Number Treaties -There were treaty signs to suit people needs
They were called the numberd treaties cause there was a diffrent one one for each area How Did the Canadian Pacific Railway Help Build Canada? -Before the railroad, transportation was hard.
-The railroad made transportation/travelling easy. Effects of the Railway on Communities -Helps people get their needs/wants.
-People wanted to live near railroad stations
Building a Railway through Mountains
-Building railways through mountains were really difficult How did the Chinese Face Discrimination? THe Chinese had to pay a tax of $500 to enter the country because they were different. How Are the Chinese Contributing to Their Communities and to Canada? -Despite the tax the Chinese had to face help Canada as loyal citizens. In What Ways Did Western Settlements Affects First Nation and Metis People? -cause of the treaties, you were not allowed to sell crops out of your reserved so, farming was was hard because of the weather. Metis and First Nations Protest The Metis and First Nations protested because they did not have trust in the government. - He was a priest that lived with the Metis and First Nations people.
- He got them to sign treaties to the government The police force and railway played a big role in changing Canada although it wasn’t going as quick as they thought it would The NWMP Growing Role in the North - When they figured out that the North was a land of riches, crime arrived.
- The NWMP also arrived to stop crime Protecting First Nations Peoples’ Right to Their Land One of the NWMP’s role was to keep peace between the First Nations people and to give them the right to live on the land The NWMP in the Northwest after the Gold Rush -The Gold Rush ended faster than anyone thought it would.
-Some forts may have dissapeared but the police did not. Quick video Another Video just
for you! What are some challenges attracting people to Canada's west Thank you for watching our awesome presentation From the chapter 11 group Thank you for going through the maze with us A challenge of building a country is people people don't like to live in a place with nothing people like to have wants but in canada they would have to leave there wants and they would also have challenges Or Follow me on Andrew Olowe @ Thank you A A A Your actions your actio your Actions
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