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Canadian Mental Health Association

No description

Emily Collins

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Canadian Mental Health Association

Mental Illness is...
...a mental impairment that negatively affects a person's ability to function in everyday life
of Canadians will personally experience mental illness in their life.

of KCVI students will experience mental health issues each year.

- Mental disorders in youth are ranked
second highest
in hospital care expenditure in Canada.

- Almost
of those who have suffered from depression or anxiety have never seen a doctor.
Core Programs funded by the United Way:

1. Info Referral - guiding people by asking questions, recommending larger services

2. Childrens’ Mental Health - prevention & early identification

3. Public Education - reducing stigma

Finances & Efficiency
- Grants that last 1 year from federal government, only $6000 used for staff/admin.

- Kingston Community Foundation and Canada Post fund specific programs

- Only one full-time worker

CMHA's Impact
- Aware of community need, listen

- Use direct input from the community
Thank you for listening!
CMHA`s Goals
Mental Health Importance
Canadian Mental Health Association
Kingston Branch
By: Emily, Athena and Meryum
- Contribute to the prevention & early identification of mental illness

- Promote acceptance of people with mental health issues

- Improve the mental health care system
(Kingston Branch)
- Growing international issue, not only in Canada

- Inequality between physical & mental health

- Mental illness is taboo & stigmatized
The Future
- National CMHA started by a doctor in

- shell shock - PTSD

- CMHA Kingston, small branch of 35, started in
Yearly grants from: Federal Government, Kingston Community Foundation, Canada Post, etc.
120 volunteers, 8000 hours a year
- Regularly adapting programs based on community needs

- Provide info on MH in the workplace

- Teach the public about handling
crisis situations (panic attacks etc.)
- Could benefit from ties to big organizations but the close-knit, community input would be lost
> The United Way Serving Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
> Kingston Foundation for Autism Spectrum Disorders
> The City of Kingston
> Ontario Trillium Foundation
Registered Charity #:
Some Donors/Funders:
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