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lib hist

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Brian/Josh/

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Richard Antrim
Richard Antrim and a group of men where taken to a japanese POW camp there Antrim performed an amazing act of personal bravery. During the early part of his imprisonment at Makassar in April 1942 he saw a Japanese guard brutally beating an American prisoner of war Lt. Allan Jack Fisher, and successfully intervened at great risk to his own life. For his conspicuous act of valor, Antrim later received the Medal of Honor.
Orlando Henderson Petty/Desmond Doss
Both saved lives
Desmond Doss/Richard Antrim
Both in world war 2
Desmond Doss
During the Battle of Okinawa he saved the lives of 75 wounded infantrymen atop the area known as Hacksaw Ridge. Doss was wounded four times in Okinawa and was evacuated on May 21, 1945, aboard the USS Mercy. He was subsequently awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Okinawa on October 12, 1945.
Reece opinion
Brian opinion
I think that Orlando Hnderson Petty is a american hero because of his valor and bravery during world war 1
Josh opinion
-= I think that the actions Desmond doss did is amazing and shows that you can do anything if you believe in yourself and try and to not give up.=-
Richard Antrim/Orlando Henderson Petty
Both lieutnats
Orlando Henderson Petty
On June 11, 1918, Petty was attached to the 5th Marine Regiment as the unit took part in the Battle of Belleau Wood. On that day his dressing station in Lucy-le-Bocage came under heavy fire from German artillery some of which were firing poison gas shells. He continued to evacuate and treat the wounded even after he was knocked to the ground and his gas mask rendered useless by an exploding shell
Metal of Honor
Both dead
Both wounded in combat
Both ran out into enemy fire to help
Both where on front lines
Different wars
Different ranks
Different branches of the military
Both in japan
Both awarded the metal of honor by Harry S. Truman
Both saved lives
Both dead
One was a POW
Different branches
Different ranks
One didnt use a gun
Born in different places
Born in different places
Born in different years
Both in the navy
Both courageous
Both saved life's
Both dead
they were in different services
they were in different wars
awarded by different presidents
awarded in different years
died in different years

I think that Richard Antrim Is a good role model in The world Because of his Heroic actions while in the navy.
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