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Earthbody Spa Business Plan - HMGT 4860 Group 10

No description

Hayley Potter

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Earthbody Spa Business Plan - HMGT 4860 Group 10

Statement of Sustainability
Our focus will be in preserving the best mental state for our clients, while maintaining the best things nature gives us.
Services & Amenities
Earthbody Spa
About our Business
Earthbody will consist of European and Asian-inspired elements that consist of a relaxing-resort style atmosphere and design theme.
• 24-Hour Workout Facility
• Hair Salon
• Resort-style Spa Pools & Water Slides
• Special Treatments: Snake Massage, Hot Stones, & Fish Pedicures

By Heather Zimmermann, Esther Wu, Hayley Potter, Josh Morgan, Kaley Martin, and Jake An
Our Mission:
Our Vision:
The resort theme will have an appeal to all demographics, especially families looking for a relaxing getaway.
At Earthbody Spa, we intend to meet and exceed guest’s needs by offering unrivaled guest service by our employees.
To be the leading company in relaxation and rejuvenation for the body, mind, and soul.
To provide our customers with a unique experience in spa treatment by supplying the best quality products.
• Movie Escape Courtyard
• Wi-Fi Throughout Facility
• Couples Treatment
• Earth Bar Restaurant
• Spa Services – Facials, Pedicures, Manicures

Services & Amenities, Continued
What makes us different from our competitors:
Marketing Plan
Target Market
Sustainability Plan
SWOT Analysis
Financial Information
Where body meets paradise...
Any Questions?
King Spa
Spa Castle
Local Day Spas
Treatment-only services
No foodservice
Korean Food
Sushi and snack bar
Organic, fresh food
Korean Bath Influences
Korean and European Traditions
Limited Bath Facilities
Modern Culture Influence
• Main focus – Water conservation
- Reuse for rooftop garden
- Maintenance on spa pools
- Dual flush toilets
- Waterless urinals
• Rooftop garden/Restaurant
- Reducing waste and food costs at Earth Bar
- Compost system for patrons
- Seasonal and organic ingredients
Local when available

Earth Bar Rooftop Garden
Market Risk
Financial Risk
- Location
- Competition
- Product Pricing
- Debt Financing
- Loan
- Liability Coverage
- Security Cameras
- Reserve Funds
Managerial Risk
Human Resources
- Qualified applicants

- Training Program
Facebook Page & Ads
Word of Mouth
Student & Staff Discounts at UNT & TWU
Customer Loyalty Program
Coupons at Local Businesses
Upper-middle Class Families

Students and Faculty

Busy Professionals
Estimated annual sales: $2,979,370.98
Daily Admission: $30/person
Additional Revenues from Spa Treatments
and Restaurant

Start-up Capital
Building $5,600,000.00
Equipment $1,500,000.00
Total $7,100,000.00

Affordable prices, Quality product & services
Spas perceived as expensive, need for experienced professionals
Location near schools, state of the art facilities, quality product
Competition, economy, weather
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