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Chemical Reactions

Interactive introduction into chemical reactions

Veronica Schneider

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Chemical Reactions

Let's Investigate Chemical Reactions! What is a chemical reaction? process that leads to the transformation of one set
of chemical substances to another

A chemical change must occur What is involved in a chemical reaction? products
reactants A+B-->C What affects the rate of chemical reactions? -concentration- how much
-presence of catalyst
Temperature’s affect on rate of a chemical reaction?

Suppose: 1 Alka-Seltzer tablet is placed in hot water, cold water, and room temperature water.
DO NOW: Make a prediction in your notebooks
how you think temperature would affect this chemical
reaction rate (occur fastest? slowest?)
What can we conclude?

How does temperature affect the rate of a chemical reaction? What have we found? Temperature increases the rate of a chemical reaction
Increase in temperature increase collisions of molecules

The higher the temperature- the faster the reaction rate
The lower the temperature- the slower the reaction rate
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