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The Path to Career Success

No description

Anna Walraven

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Path to Career Success

onto the Pathway to Career Success Discover Your Interests Research and Apply for Jobs Interview Maintain positive work Values Evaluate Your Progress Think about what you like to do. What kind of skills does that use? What jobs could you use those skills in? http://auburnjobs.com http://www.careerbuilder.com -Arrive on time
-Dress appropriately
-Act appropriately and professionally -Speak clearly and confidently
-Talk about your strengths
-Prepare and Practice Workplace Skills and Attitudes
Be trustworthy, honest, and fair
Be in control of your emotions
Make good choices
Show respect for yourself and others
Be organized Responsibility
Arrive on time and prepared
Follow directions the first time
Accept responsibility for actions
Complete tasks
Keep a calendar/planner Interactions with Others
Work well with co-workers
Listen to others
Have a "give and take" attitude
Use your manners appropriately
Be friendly to the costumers Habits for Wellness
Make sure you are clean
Comb your hair, brush your teeth, wash your hands
Eat healthy
Stay in shape
Manage your stress
Get the enough sleep
Practice good safety
Wash your work clothes Plan for Success
Advocate for yourself
Access community resources
Search for opportunities
Keep track of your money Examine your own work
Talk to your employer
Talk to your coworker
See what you can do better Strive to be a better employee
Always do your best! Never settle for less! D R I V E DRIVE . -Look in the newspaper
-Talk to people that you know -Look in the news paper
-Talk to people that you know
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