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Creating a Presentation

No description

Lynsey Mize

on 7 December 2018

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Transcript of Creating a Presentation

Don't Make Slides Text Heavy
DO NOT copy & paste chunks of your paper into your presentation.
Use your outline as a template for your slides/titles.
Think of the most interesting parts of your paper.
Go in a logical order
1 argument at a time
Make Slides Appealing
Try to choose templates that match your topic (easier on Prezi/Haiku Deck)
Make sure all text can be read
right color
not too small
Use pictures to help give visuals to your audience
people you're talking about
charts/graphs, etc.
No grainy pictures!!!
Choose a Medium of Visual Aid
Power Point
Keynote (Mac)
Google Slides
Haiku Deck
Your presentation must be 5-7 minutes long.
Timer will be visible.
Points docked for too short or too long (I'll stop you at 7)
Presentation Etiquette
no mumbling
loud enough for the back
not too fast
Don't fidget in obvious ways
Reduce um/uh/like/etc.
Don't read
Stand up straight!
Don't be distracted by your audience
Dress professionally
yes, out of uniform is ok!
Make eye contact!
Presentation Rubric
Creating a Presentation
Slide Requirements
Visually appealing (design, font, amount of text, pictures)
don't have to have a picture on every slide
At least 10 slides/changes (zooms on Prezi count as new slides)
Works Cited slide at the end to show sources used (including pictures!)
Must be turned in to me AT LEAST 24 hours before your presentation so I can make sure they work.
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