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GCSE Revision Styles and Techniques - A Guide for Pupils and Parents

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Mr B Solly

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of GCSE Revision Styles and Techniques - A Guide for Pupils and Parents

Revision and Exam Preparation
Display Revision Materials Around
The House
Mind maps
Place these visual revision
aids in key areas round the house where they will be seen
On the day of the exam
Practical Tips
Where can I get information?
All the exams information is on the Long Field website

Pupils can download timetables, seating plans and revision
tips from the Fronter 'Exams Room'
Get an early night

Set an alarm!

Have breakfast.

Have the correct equipment - prepare this the day before.

Get to school in plenty of time.

Try and relax, if you have prepared well then you don't need to worry.

Think positively!

What do I need to revise?
Don't revise irrelevant content
Break subjects down into key topics
Use past exam papers AND mark schemes
Use lesson notes provided by your teacher
Use a variety of methods
read and summarise notes
use a revision buddy
revision guides
use mnemonics
mind maps
A quiet place
Music can help -
but can also distract
Revision/flash cards
Get up early!
40 minutes!
Stick to your plan
take breaks
A guide for parents and pupils
Where teachers are focussing
on the academic preparation, as a parent your major role in exam preparation is as a coach and
helping review knowledge
AND progress
Your Role
Play an active role in the revision and preparation process
keep spirits and morale up
help your child develop self discipline
showing an interest
really helps!
calm atmosphere
Help remove obstacles
Your Role

General tips

General tips
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