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Horse Racing Summative

No description

Mohamed Hersi

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of Horse Racing Summative

We have only allowed healthy racers with at least 5 years of experience to enter. This greatly reduces the chance of injury racers may sustain.
Horse Racing

Using demographics and other information like diversity, we decided that this event would best be suited in Edmonton. Our horse race will take place in Elk Island National Park. This is 48.2km from Edmonton
Edmonton has perfect climate for horseracing. This is because my event will take place in July where Edmonton's harsh cold winters have no effect. Edmonton has a dry and humid climate due to being in the prairies. Edmonton also has very flat and fertile terrain that is almost treeless. Trees in Edmonton are both coniferous and deciduous. Examples are Green ash, Black ash, Swiss stone pine, and The Amur maple. Edmonton has an overall temperature that does not go below -24°C or exceed 28°C.
For my event, I am doing a horse race. In this event, there are no teams so it is everyman for himself. There are 11 racers per race. There will be one racer representing each country attending the event for each race. Racers are not allowed to use horses with a higher height than 163cm and will immediately be eliminated if they do so. The maximum time each race will last is five minutes. There will be six races. Each racer is competing for a prize of $100,000. Viewers must pay a total amount of $20.00 to watch the race.
Why is Edmonton a good city to host my event?
The three main materials that are essential for my event are wooden stands, horse shoes for horses, and jockey helmets for racers.
The three essential items I need for my event is wooden stands, horseshoes for horses, and jockey helmets for racers.
Climate and Land features:
Diversity and Tourism:

According to Statistics Canada Edmonton's mother, tongue is 69.9% English speaking, 2.1% French speaking, and about 28.1% of people living in Edmonton have a non-official first language. We will be inviting 1500 people from 10 different countries to view/participate in our horse race. Therefore, shelter and food will be need. Luckily, Edmonton has a large variety of hotels and restaurants to choose from. Edmonton has about 1858 hotels and 90 restaurants that will make foreigners feel at home.
Elk Island National Park:
Environmental benefits:
Hosting my event in Edmonton is also good for the environment. The materials necessary for my items are either in Edmonton or very near it. The materials needed are steel, lumber, plastic, and microfiber. Iron is used to create horseshoes, lumber is used to create wooden stands, and plastic as well as microfiber makes jockey helmets.

- The closest Iron Company is Adams Mine, which is located in Kirkland Lake.
- The closest lumber Company is Alberta pacific Forest Industries, which is located in Edmonton.
- The closest Plastic Company is Redwood Plastics, which is located in Edmonton.
- The closest Microfiber Company is Ideal Home Furnishing, which is located in Edmonton.

This had made me realize that Edmonton is a city that will allow me to host my event with the smallest ecological footprint possible.







Edmonton is Canada's fifth most populated City. According to Statistics Canada, Edmonton had these populations at these different times.

2001: 937845
2006: 1034845
2011: 1159869

It is because of this good population that Edmonton has a good Economy. This is because there are more consumers and workers. Therefore, Edmonton can easily support a few representatives and athletes from 10 countries.

Elk Island National Park is where I will be hosting my event. Elk Island National Park was founded at 1906. The park is open every day and never closes. Since the park never closes my event will not be limited by time. Elk Island National Park is also one of only 43 parks that is administered by Parks Canada Agency. This park includes many different kinds of wildlife like bison, moose, white tail, elk, mule deer, beaver, and porcupine. The park's most famous type of wildlife is the Wood Bison because of the parks large quantity of them. The park covers 194km2 and is Canada's eighth smallest area.
Participating Countries:
The countries that my company has decided to invite are Australia, America, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Russia, France, The United Kingdom, South Korea, and Mexico. Canada will also be participating.
Push and Pull Factors:
Pull Factors:
Name two examples of trees in Edmonton shown in this presentation.
What is the lowest temperature Edmonton would usually have?
A) -13

B) -20

C) -24

D -30
What is the Area of Elk Island National Park?
A) 111km2

B) 256km2

C) 53km2

D) 194km2
How long is Elk Island open?
A) 24 hours

B) 12 hours

C) 5 hours

D) 10 hours
What is one pull factor and one push factor for Edmonton?
Push Factors:
-Long and cold winters

- Humid Climate

- Air pollution
- Great Economy

- Low taxes

-Great Transportation

This is brought to you by Alberta's Horse Industry. This Company has started in 2002. I am the CEO and will show you one of our many projects. Don't hesitate to donate and enjoy!
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