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Predators again...aggghhh...again!!

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Predators again...aggghhh...again!!

Predator/prey relationships
Predator/prey relationships 2
All living things within an ecosystem are in________ent. A change in the size of one p__________ affects all other organisms within the e_______em. This is shown clearly by the relationship between ___________ and prey populations.
There is a continuous tussle between predators and their prey. Predator species need to be adapted for efficient hunting if they are to catch enough food to survive. Prey species, must be well adapted to escape their predators, if enough of them are to survive for the species to continue.
They are the worlds ONLY egg laying mammals!
Predators yet again...aggghhh...yet again!!
To know how predators and prey are related
20th February 2017
Complete the questions on pages 190 and 191.
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