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Pac Man Roller Coaster: Autumn and Katie

No description

Autumn Manley

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Pac Man Roller Coaster: Autumn and Katie

Roller Coaster Project: Pac Man Katie Willems and Autumn Manley Introduction
Screams, chills, and thrills; the classic signs of a great amusement park ride. All this, and more is provided on the fantastic new roller coaster “The Pac-Man”. Based off of the classic and timeless arcade game “Pac-Man” twists through wild turns and provides the rider with the ultimate themed experience. Work Cited:
"Wild Mouse - Hersheypark (Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA)." Wild Mouse - Hersheypark (Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA). N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. What is it?
As the rider embarks they literally play out a game of Pac-Man. This means the cart (Pac-Man), sets off in a race to outrun the colorful ghosts placed along the track. At the end of the adventure the rider has been “hit” by three ghost, and, just as in the virtual game, Pac Man spirals down and the game is over. With the unfaltering attraction to this arcade game, “The Pac-Man” is guaranteed to be a huge hit it any amusement park! Description
Our roller coaster is designed after the popular game Pac-Man.
The design of the ride is similar to that of the Wild Mouse at Hershey Park (Hershey, PA).
The carts are designed to look like Pac-Man, and as the track is created like a maze.
The highest hill is 25.9 m.
The ride accelerates by converting potential energy to kinetic energy
There are 4 turns and 4 drops
At each hill, the track drops 4.6 m. At the end of the track, the ride spins down into a spiral.
This corkscrew drop has 2 circles. The first circle has a radius of 9.1m. The second is 8 m.
The ride is 2 minutes long and can run two cars at a time
Therefore 120 riders could be accommodated per hour and 1,440 riders could be accommodated in one (12 hour long) day.
The ride takes up 20 square meters of space Seat Location Research:
Each cart holds 4 riders
2 riders in front, 2 riders in back
Ride can run 8- 10 carts Cars
There are six cars that periodically run through the track. Instead of a train of cars, the ride operates by sending one car onto the track at a time.
A second car is sent out after the first progresses 1 minute into the ride.
The cars weigh approximately 1230 kg with riders in them.
Each car carries two riders.
Safety devices on the cars include lap bars and seat belts.
The roller coaster also has guide and friction wheels.
Guide wheels go on the top of the rail and guide the roller coaster through the track. Runner wheels hug the track from the side to control lateral motion.
The ride's highest G force is 4.5 g's
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