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ELA 6S Biography Presentation Madrigal Clarissa

A biography about Charles Schulz by Clarissa Madrigal ☺

Clarissa Madrigal

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of ELA 6S Biography Presentation Madrigal Clarissa

Charles Monroe Schulz:
A Biography
By: Clarissa Madrigal
Early Life
On November 22, 1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota Charles Monroe Schulz was born. Charles had no siblings, and his parents were Carl and Dena Schulz. Charles always had a love for comics. His uncle nicknamed him Sparky after Spark Plug (a race horse), in the comic
Barney Google.
Sparky also enjoyed to read comics with his dad.
Sparky was smart and skipped half of third and fifth grade. On his free time Sparky enjoyed doodling characters such as Popeye, and Mickey Mouse. Sparky had to repeat eighth grade since he was the smallest child in the school. Sparky went to an Art Instruction School after his mother had shown him an ad for it.
Big Steps
Charles would send his best comics to newspapers, but would get turned down. WWII came and Charles had to serve, that same year his mother had died of cancer. After the army Charles got a job at his art school. There he met co-workers by the names of Charlie Brown, Linus, and a lady who claimed she had naturally curly hair. These people would provide names and characteristics for Charles's comics. A lady named Frieda Rich had bright red hair, Charles loved her, but she married another man. She would become known as the little red haired girl.
"Li'l Folks"
In 1947, Charles found a newspaper who would publish his comic, "Li'l Folks". The newspaper
St. Pioneer Press
would put his comic in the women's section of the newspaper. Charles did not like that. So he gave his comic rights to a company called United Feature Syndicate.
In 1950, ¨Peanuts¨ was published with only 4 characters. Many people say that Charles Schulz based Charlie Brown on himself, but he just used events that happened in his life and put them in his comic strip. In 1951 Charles married Joyce Halverson and had 5 children. In, 1955 Charles was honored with the Reuben Award. As all these events were happening, more and more people would read Charles's comic.
Joyce's Mother
Interesting "Peanuts" Facts
Charles was more of a homebody (meaning he didn't like to travel.)
Charles was the one of the first cartoonists to put an African American in his comic.
A Boy named Charlie Brown
appeared on Broadway in 1969.
In 1989 "Peanuts" had sold 2,000th newspapers and was in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Last Years
Charles's marriage was falling apart, and in 1972 he divorced Joyce. In 1973, Charles married Jeannie Forsyth. In 1999 Charles announced his retirement, and on February 12, 2000 Charles Monroe Schulz passed away due to colon cancer. Charles received awards even after his death such as the Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Congressional Gold Medal. His wife accepted these awards on his behalf.

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Question 1
What was Charles's nickname, and who named him that?
Answer 1
He was nicknamed Sparky and his uncle named him that.
Question 2
What was Charles's comic first named?
Answer 2
Charles's comic was first named Li'l Folks.
Question 3
What did Charles put in his comic that made him one of the first cartoonist to include a(n):
A. An African American, named Franklin
B. An Alien from Outer Space named, ZLUHCS
C. A Girl with Red Hair, The Little Red Haired Girl
Answer 3
A. An African American named Franklin
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