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Five Themes of Geography: Final Assessment Review

Social Studies Unit 1: Five Themes of Geography Final Review Game Questions

Brandi Boden

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Five Themes of Geography: Final Assessment Review

Henry Wilson Memorial
Social Studies: Unit 1
6TH Grade: Mrs. Boden
October 19, 2012 Five Themes of Geography Final Assessment Review Communicating ideas through email, snail mail, and the phone. Are examples of what theme? Give Three Examples of Human Environment Interaction What theme uses cardinal and intermediate directions to describe a place? What theme uses geographical and climate to describe a place? I can find a place's absolute location through two methods. What are these two methods? How can I describe a location using relative location? The Line in which a new day begins is called? How many time zones are there on earth? What are the four hemispheres? Parellel lines are also called lines of ____________________________? Lines of Longtitude are also called? The tropics are located between what two lines of latitude? What are the cardinal directions? NW, SW, NE, SE directions are called? Map scales can show what two things on a map? Where can I look to find what the symbols on a map represent? What theme can divide countries by location, terrain, and religion? This line of longitude runs through Greenwich, England? What line runs through the middle of the earth and separates the northern and southern hemisphere? The Artic Ocean is located near what pole? How can I remember the titles of the Five Themes of Geography? (name)
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