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Isaac Newton's Law of Gravitation

By: Hannah Goodman and Trace Whitley Ulitmate Ball BEASTS!

Hannah^^ Goodman

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Isaac Newton's Law of Gravitation

Isaac Newton's Law Of Gravitation An example/story of gravity is when an apple hit Isaac Newton on the head. He was sitting under an apple tree and an apple fell on his head. At that moments he came up with the Universal L aw of Gravitation. The equation looked like this,
F=G(m1 m2)/r to the second power
F= the gravitational force between two objects
G= gravitational constant
m1= mass of first object in kilograms
m2= mass of second object in kilograms
r= distance between objects
He started coming up with questions like
1. Why did the apple fall?
2. What makes things fall?
3. Does everything fall?
4. Why did the apple fall straight down and not right, left, up, diagonally, etc.? This is an experiment that you can use to test Gravity!!! Its called Balloon Challenge. The things you will need are
1. 1-2 balloons
2. a straw that has the expanding bend
3. and a friend

First, you blow up a balloon. Next, bend the straw so the tip is facing the ceiling. Then put the long side of the straw in your mouth. Try to suspend the balloon on the straw by placing it at the tip and blowing out of the straw. Its quite difficult but you can do it.This experiment explains gravity because if the straw wasn't blowing on the balloon, the balloon would fall right down to the ground. So the air is pushing it up. http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/balloonchallenge.html Help from... http://prezi.com/5amlm1jxfers/isaac-newtons-law-of-gravitation/


http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=isaac+newton+gravity+equaton&FORM=HDRSC2 BY: TRACE WHITLEY AND HANNAH GOODMAN AND HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! The force of gravity acts between all objects If mass increases, the force of gravity increases If distance increases, the force of gravity decreases Gravity is an invisible force that keeps us on earth and everything else. Gravity also help with the rotation of planets including earth.
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