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Greg Kirkman

No description

Dave McPherson

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Greg Kirkman

Greg Kirkman
Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1st,1955 for refusing to stand up on the orders of the bus driver,after the white seats had been occupied in the front.
Even though she was arrested she wasn't the first african american woman arrested for refusing to yield her seat on a Montgomery bus.
Rosa Parks did not attend a public school until the age of eleven.Before that,she was home schooled by her mother.
For the children attending school,there was busing for the white children to their school,but the black children, like Rosa Parks, were required to walk to another school.
Rosa Parks attended the Alabama State Teachers College for African Americans for secondary education.
Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks was born in February,4,1913,in Tuskegee,AL.She was a African American.
Rosa Parks met Raymond Parks. Raymond was a successful barber who worked in Montgomery. They married a year later in 1932. Rosa worked part time jobs and went back to school, finally earning her high school diploma.
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