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President's Address

President's Address at the 2009 Annual Interior Design Educators Council Conference March 25, 2009 Atlanta, Georgia Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel

Jill Pable

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of President's Address

“Design is the bridge between theory
and the way we actually live our lives”. -Richard Buchanan, Carnegie Mellon University 50% of IDEC members have been members for 5 years or less --IDEC 2009 survey of members 1. stability 2. expand and diversify our activities 3. enhance the efficiency of our attendance to our core mission education, scholarship and service + volunteerism Volunteer group reorganization plan better collaborative communication and procedures in place that helps us undertake more action outreach to others Be recognized! we are the largest organization in the world exclusively dedicated to interior design education, scholarship and service in both geography of our members and in membership quantity. We have been and continue to be a vibrant group of individuals passionately committed to our mission of excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.
Our trajectory of growth, influence and action are on an exciting, positive path. We embrace the value of our collaborative discussion and action. This endures as the best solution for reaching our goals. New initiatives Advancement: to promote recognition of the contribution of interior
design education, scholarship and practice to the advancement of
quality of life within the built environment.

Education: to promote development of individuals to be creative, think
critically, resolve issues, base decisions on sound foundations of theory and research, communicate effectively and uphold high ethical and business standards.

Scholarship: to expand the knowledge of interior environments, quality of life, and human performance.
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