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1962- Sino Indian War

No description

Tessa Wright

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of 1962- Sino Indian War

1962- Sino Indian War
The rest of the world was concerned with the fighting between the US and the Soviets. The Cuban Missle Crisis occured on October 14th of 1962. 6 days before the start of the Sino-Indian War.
What was happening in the World?
Map of the Sino-Indian War
In late 1949 and 1950 the People's Liberation Army (Chinese) moved into Tibet and took over.
They did this for the natural resources flowing out of Tibet and for the strategic defense/attack postition against India and Pakistan (among other countries).
Background of Sino-Indian War
Indian troop greatly outnumbered and outgunned but held their ground so more troops could come and defend against the Chinese.
The War- Ladakh
November 21st 1962- 1 Month after war began China calls a ceasefire
Legacy of the Sino-Indian War
China gains control of Aksai Chin (their goal).
India realizes that they have deficit in modern warfare and defense
China's casualities and wounded= 2,419
India's casualities, wounded, missing and captured= 8,094.
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