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preschool teachers by Molly W..

No description

Molly Weller

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of preschool teachers by Molly W..

about the job
* Preschool teachers care for and teach young kids while their parents go to work or go to school
pictures from www.prezi.com
Education path..
*Most preschools you have to have a bachelor's degree.
* Typical salary's range from $17,620 to $42,300 per year
preschool teachers...
* The teachers plane things for the kids to learn how to act
* The teachers prepare the kids for kindergarten.
*Teachers work early morning to late afternoon.
* Teachers talk to the kids parents to meet certain needs of the kid..
* You must have a minimum of an associate degree.
* With experience you can become head leader.
*High school classes you need because they help you prepare for your job.
* The salary rang is affected by the location.
* Most employers offer minimal fringe benefits such as paid vacition and sick days.
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