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The Five Parameters of ASL

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samantha schulok

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of The Five Parameters of ASL

The Five Parameters of ASL
By: Samantha Schulok and Mia McGuire
What is a Parameter?
-Parameters are distinguishing features or noticeable characteristics used for creating signs with meaning in ASL

What are the Five Parameters?
1. Location
2. Movement
3. Palm Orientation
4. Handshape
5. Facial Expression
1. Location
- This refers to the physical parameters of bodily locations where the signs are produced.

2. Movement
- this refers to the changing of the location of the hand within the set of physical parameters during sign production.

a sign maybe moving away from or towards you to indicate a directional verb such as show, give, pay, borrow, etc.
3. Palm Orientation
- This refers to the direction in which the hand is turned to produce a sign.

- Palm Orientation is the direction of your palm which may include palm up, palm down, palm right, palm left, palm outward, and palm inward.
4. Handshape
- Handshape refers physically to the shape of the hand producing the sign

- ASL has many handshapes and several many common ones. You can describe the shape very specifically, like all 4 fingers are straight and close together and the thumb is across the hand or you can describe it by comparing then shape to a known ASL shape

5. Facial Expression
- A facial expression is one or more emotions or potions of the muscles beneath the skin of the face.

- The movements convey emotional state of an individual two observers.

-Facial expressions are a form of none verbal communication

-In order to produce the sign and relay a word with meaning, the sign must follow the five parameters determine its meaning and tone.
- The general physical parameters for sign language production are approximately 4 inches above the head, elbow room as with elbow on the waste, an below belt buckle
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