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Ancient Greece Olympics VS. The Modern Summer Olympics

This is a comparison chart between the Ancient Greece Olympics and the summer Olympics we have now.

Rachel Yang

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greece Olympics VS. The Modern Summer Olympics

Ancient Greece Olympics
Modern Summer Olympics
-Both men and women are allowed to compete
-Only men were allowed to compete.
-The games were held once every 4 years.
-Includes aquatic, team, and individual events. (ex. swimming, races, relays, volleyball)
-Does not include aquatic events, handball, or beach volleyball.
-diaulos (running)
-dolichos (longer distance running)
-pancration (the 'all power' race)
-horse and chariot races
-hoplites (a race in full armour)
-mule-car race
-team ball games (ex. volleyball, basketball, soccer)
-track (ex. running, high jump, handball)
-aquatics (ex. swimming, diving)
Many more events than the ancient Olympics!
-Held in Olympia
-Held in a different place in the world every time
-It's an honor to win the games.
-the prize is a traditional olive wreath
-The prize is a medal (gold, silver, or bronze)
-It was very popular to the general public.
-Athletes competed in nude
-Athletes have to wear sporting clothing.
-The Greeks did not record each person's statistics.
-All athletes' statistics are recorded.
-Held to honour Zeus
-Held for the world.
-It was very competitive.
-Winning athletes are honored, feted, and praised.
-There was no Olympic torch relay
-There is an Olympic torch relay.
-Running events are included.
-The games lasted 5 days.
-The games last two weeks.
-It's one of the biggest sporting events in that area of that time.
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