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To Da-duh, in Memoriam

No description

Caleb and Josh

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of To Da-duh, in Memoriam

The archetype of the child The narrator of the story embodies the archetype of the child. The child archetype represents a fresh start or a new beginning, and in this case the narrator is a fresh start in a relationship. The narrators mom is fairly distant with the da-duh, but the narrator talks to the da-duh and changes her mind about people who live in New York. The da-duh think that people from New York are snobby criminals who don’t know about but she sees that the narrator is a good person and changes what she thinks about her daughter. Plot summary To da-duh, in memoriam A presentation by Josh, Caleb, and Adam Exposition Causative Incident Rising Action Climax Falling Action Denouement Written by: Paule Marshall - In the beginning of this story the narrator arrives in Barbados to visit her grandmother who is referred to as her da-duh.

-The narrator was born in new york, and this is her first time visiting Barbados.

-The narrators mother and da-duh seem to have grown apart and there seems to be tension between them. -The grandmother recognizes the narrators strength, but the narrator lives in luxury and contrasts her da-duh. -The narrator is continuing to tell her da-duh about all the wonderful things that they have in New York.

-The da-duh is astonished that they could have such tall buildings and initially does not believe her.

-Eventually da-duh accepts all that the narrator has told her and recognizes how amazing that her grandchild's life is compared to her own. -The narrator is talking to her da-duh. The da-duh seems jealous of the narrator and tries to reassure her that life in Barbados is better because of exotic plants and trees.

-The narrator responds by telling her about the luxuries that she has in new york.

-Da-duh question the narrator asking her if white people have the same luxuries. -The falling action takes place after the narrator has told her Da-duh about all the amazing things in New York.

-Da-duh has become depressed and fallen ill, on the day of the narrators departure she is reminded to send a picture of the Empire State Building. -The narrator is too late and never has a chance to send the picture of the Empire State Building.

-Da-duh was killed during the famous 1937 strike, England sent planes over the island to show force.

-Instead of fleeing and hiding like the rest of the people she chose to stay and watch as they dive bombed into the island destroying the land and killing her. Theme(s) Living in the Past Loss of Family/Tragedy The tragedy takes place in the denouement of the story where the narrator receives the news that her Da-duhs death. THE END Character Analysis Da-Duh Proud and Confident
Stubborn and Conservative
Feels connection with Narrator
Distrusting of the Modern World
Static Character
"Brought a sense of a past that was still alive into our buslting present." Narrator Curious and Humble
Outgoing and Talkative
Respects her Grandmother Greatly
Competitive in Nature
Dynamic Character
"I followed triumphant yet strangely saddened behind." Throughout the story Da-duh shows characteristics that represent not being able to move on from the past and move towards the future. Discussion Questions??? Do you think that Da-duh was too critical of the narrator just because she was from New York?

Why do you think Da-duh when she knew she was in danger rather than fleeing with everyone else?

What do you think the title has to do with the story? Quote(S) Quote(S) "Over the weeks i told her about refrigerators, radios, gas stoves, elevators, trolley cars, wringer washing machines, movies, airplanes...electric lights: 'At night, all you have to do is flip this little switch on the wall and all the lights in the house just go on. It's like magic.'" (Marshall 118).

This line Is the narrator informing her Da-duh of all the wonderful things that they have in New York. "By the time I mailed her the large coloured picture postcard of the Empire State Building she was dead." (Marshall 121).

This is where the narrator reveals the death of her Da-duh and allows us to feel sympathy for the family. Literary devices: Symbolism: The island is a symbol of seclusion that prevents the narrator's Da-duh from knowing about the advancements of technology.

Simile: "It was as stark and fleshless as a death mask, that face" (Marshall 112). The narrator says this line when she is describing her Da-duh's face for the first time. Setting -The story takes place in Barbados during the time of World War I -Barbados is a small island north of Brazil
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