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Ruined by Paula Morris

No description

alondra garcia

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Ruined by Paula Morris

Ruined by: Paula Morris

You can always count on your friends.

"The ghost had been true to her word, coming to help Rebecca, when Rebecca needed her most," (Morris, page 290).
Rebecca became friends with Lisette and Lisette helped her when she needed to be saved from dieing.


Never take things for granted.
"Please don't ride in the parade," page 264.

Anton (Rebecca's friend) told Rebecca this quote. Rebecca ignored him because they were in a fight, and when the parade ended they tried to kill her.


Never give up on finding the truth.

"Who? Does she live in New Orleans, too?" page 248

This quote tells that Rebecca kept trying to find out as much as possible about the curse and why she can see Lisette.
Lafayette cemetery
It has mossy, white walls. You can see the tops of the white tombs over the fence. It has four different gates. There are tombs/vaults because it was French tradition of the past.
This is the place that Lisette haunts and where she was buried. Rebecca met Lisette for the first time here, and the curse was broken when Helena died here.

Bowman Mansion

It has grey walls and is 3 stories high. It has pillars and big windows. The rooms are big with walk in closets. It has a wrought-iron gate. The floor is tile (black and white), and it has a swirled staircase when you enter. High ceiling rooms with paintings hanging on the walls.
This is where Lisette was killed and where her mother set the curse. Helena's home, and where Rebecca finds out Helena can also see Lisette.

Aunt Claudia's house

A tiny house, looks like it's leaning on the house next to it. Is painted a faded yellow and the shutters and front door are blue. Has a tiny front yard with a few white flowers and a banana tree.
This is where Rebecca lives when she goes to New Orleans. Rebecca is told about the curse here, ans she snuck out to go to the cemetary.
thank you for watching!
: She is brave, curious, and adventurous. She moved from New York to New Orleans while her dad went to China. she is 15 years old. she was told she was born on June 28, but she was really born on March 12.
She is best friends with Lisette. She becomes friends with Anton and Helena is her rival. She is one of the 7th daughters of the Bowman family or cousin of Helena.
pg 248 "Helena's cousin, the other girl... oh, Rebecca it's you."
Helena is self-centered, Snobby, and rude. She is rich and lives in the Garden District of New Orleans. she is 15 and goes to Temple Mead high school. Her family is one of the richest and is close friends with the Sutton and Grey family.
She is a close-family friend of Anton. She is Rebecca's rival. She is best friends with Maryanne (extra character). She is also a 7th daughter.
pg.170 "She's here! I can see her!."
She is sweet, mysterious, and shy. she is a ghost that was murdered in 1853 at age 16. Her death was hidden and they told her mother that she died of yellow fever. She always wears a white blouse torn at the shoulder and a long braid on the side, she has dark skin. pg. 152-155
She becomes best friends with Rebecca. Helena is the second girl that sees her. Lisette is Helena's and Rebecca's great(x6) half sister.
pg. 157 "Villieux may of been her mother's last name, but Lisette was a Bowman."
presented by: Alondra G.
the sequel: Unbroken
Rebecca saw and met Lisette which foreshadows that Rebecca is a Bowman or Helena's cousin.
"her hair was long, hanging to one side in a loose braid. Her white blouse was ripped at one shoulder, and she was fingering her dark skirt." pg. 54

Lisestte was murdered in 1853, but they told her mother she died of yellow fever.
"So the docter said he would declare me another victim of yellow fever." pg.155-156
Rebecca moves to New Orleans while her dad goes to China to work. Rebecca sees a ghost (Lisette) in Lafayette cemetery while she tries to escape. Rebecca wants to know why she can see Lisette and how she died.

Rebecca learns about how Lisette died and how her death was kept secret. Rebecca finds out about the Bowman curse and that she is a Bowman daughter by her aunt Claudia.

Lisette saves Rebecca by making her invisible and pulling her onto a tomb. The statue on top of the tomb falls on Helena and she dies breaking the Bowman curse. A house is burned which ends the curse.
The Bowman curse
The curse was set by Lisette's mother when she found out Lisette was dead. The doctors told her that Lisette died of yellow fever, but her mother knew that they were lying. She just couldn't prove it.

what it is:
The curse kills every daughter of the Bowman family up until the 7th daughter before they turn 17. Lisette appears to all the daughters of the Bowman family when they're 16. The curse is ended when a house is burnt down.
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