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Lower Ability- Creation myths

world before scientific knowledge

amie bell

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Lower Ability- Creation myths

Creation Myths- World before scientific knowledge Science Objectives Key Questions To know what a creation myth is (L3)

To Understand the Ultimate Question: How was the universe created? (L4)

To analyse the use of creation myths in cultures (L5)

To evaluate the importance of creation myths (L6)
How did life in the universe begin?
What are creation myths?
How would you view the world if you had no scientific knowledge ? What was before the Universe? Using 5 lines- tell me the story of Pan Ku Which bit did you like the best? Why did the Chinese believe in this Myth? How would you explain the sky? How would you view the world if you had no scientific knowledge? How would you explain the rain? How would you explain night and day? Who would you blame or thank for making the sun rise everyday? How would you view the world? Ocean Do we have any modern day myths or are they obsolete in a world of science? Religion What is the role of 'myths' in cultures? What is a myth? Creation Myths- Life before scientific knowledge A myth is a traditional story that tries to explain the unexplainable. It gives an answer to phenomenons which science cannot explain A creation myth is a traditional story which tries to explain the beginning of the world as that particular culture knew it. Pan Ku Produce an A4 drawing of your view of how the world might look without scientific knowledge How would science explain creation? For a higher level link to 'Ultimate Questions' Ultimate Q's Early religious beliefs ways to please the gods? Role of Witch Doctor What is a creation myth? Meditation Complete individual task sheets 15mins Have you achieved your objective? I.e. Early Tribes People
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