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Plessy V. Ferguson

a court case that happened in 1896 about segregation of races

Casey McCoy

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Plessy V. Ferguson

Plessy V. Ferguson Fact #1

Plessy V. Ferguson was decided on May 18th 1896
Fact #1
Plessy V. Ferguson was decided on May 18th 1896 Fact # 2
Homer Plessy was a young shoemaker who was 1/8th black and 7/8 white Fact #3
Homer Plessy was arrested because he sat in a white only rail car and refused to move when asked to do so even though he was 7/8 white Fact #4
this case legalized segregation and began to pass laws requiring segregation and stating that anyone not following the law could be jailed Fact #5
the case of Plessy V. Ferguson allowed and even required Jim Crow laws in the southern states The case of Plessy V. Ferguson is related to the book To Kill A Mockingbird because both the case and the book focus on racism and segregation of schools, churches, water fountains, and anything that put blacks and whites together in one place or using the same object. To Kill A Mockingbird shows how life was like for people back in the 1930's and Plessy V. Ferguson was a case that stopped the racism and segregation that happened back in the 1930's like To Kill A Mockingbird.
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