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Sir Mackenzie Bowell


Mrs. Reed

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Sir Mackenzie Bowell

Sir Mackenzie Bowell Sir Mackenzie Bowell was born in Rickinghall, Suffolk, England.

Sir Mackenzie Bowell was born in December 27,1823 and he passed away in December 10,1917. Interesting Facts -Sir Mackenzie Bowell has 9 children.
(4 sons and 5 daughters).
-Four of his children had passed away.
-He was married for fifty five years.
-Sir Mackenzie Bowell was in office for
only two years. - He was once a teacher He was married to Harriet Moore. He was Canada's prime minister. Sir Mackenzie Bowell was a part of the Liberal-Conservative Party.

However, he was not that active in his Prime Minister years. -He was married for 55 years. More information on Sir
Mackenzie Bowell
He had continue position until 1906 and remained in the Senate until he died in 1917. Accomplishments of Sir Mackenzie Bowell Involving the senate

- The second prime minister to lead the country from the senate. Information while he was Prime Minister Sir Mackenzie Bowell was prime minister for two years, (1894-1896).
After his resignation, he was chosen
as opposition leader in the senate. However,
he did not play an active role in politics. Thank you
presentation!!! Bibliography - http://www.factmonster.com/encyclopedia/people/bowell-sir-mackenzie.html

- http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/2/4/h4-3131-e.html

- And Wikipedia though it’s not reliable some information was used More Accomplishments! - In 1999, study of the Canadian Prime Ministers found that
a survey of Canadian Histories ranked Bowell #19 of the Prime Ministers
(out of 20) up until then.

- He became Leader of the Government in the Senate on October 31, 1893

- Newspaper Accomplishments: Bowell thought he had full control over
of the weekly (newspaper name) in the early 1850s. In 1867 he launched
a daily edition and in 1875 the Intelligencer Printing and
Publishing Company was incorporated.

- His accomplishments/personality talents:
he was hard-working and confident.
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