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Hunger Games vs. Fahrenheit 451

No description

Jada McElroy

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Hunger Games vs. Fahrenheit 451

Hunger Games Trilogy Fahrenheit 451
Each setting of the books are in the future, and with it, there is so much advanced technology.

HG has hovercrafts, force fields in the arena, and advanced bow and arrows, to name a few.
The Hunger Games 58, 91, 197

F. 451 has seashells, wall-sized TVs, and fingerprint locks on doors.
Fahrenheit 451 12, 14
Fire is a symbol.

In HG (Hunger Games), fire is used mostly to describe Katniss, aka The Girl On Fire
Catching Fire 147, 354

In F. 451 (Fahrenheit 451), fire is used all throughout the book. It has to do with the book burning, the fire station, and the calming fire of Granger.
Fahrenheit 451 146
Throughout the time before, during, and after Katniss was chosen as a tribute for the Hunger Games, there were very many emotional times. Such as volunteering as tribute for her sister Prim, trying to figure out if she loved Peeta, and dealing with the fact that they both won the Hunger Games in the end.
The Hunger Games 22, 345
Dystopian Society and Government
In F. 451, the Salamander is the fire station's insignia. It is also used to represent fire and a strong symbol for the book.
Fahrenheit 451 Part 1
Throughout the Hunger Games series, the Mockingjay is used to represent Katniss. A Mockingjay is seen as a tough symbol for Panem and used as a mascot for spirit for the over taking of President Snow.

Mockingjay 368

-Dystopian Society

-Government Authority



-First Person



-Hunger Games

-Third Person




In both societies of the book, they are in a dystopia. There is a major difference between the poor and wealthy.
The government also has very strict rules and controls the characters and sub-characters of each story.

HG has President Snow
The Hunger Games
Future and Technology
Winning the Hunger Games
The conflict for every character in the book was the Hunger Games. President Snow was worried about being showed up. Katniss's friends and family were worried about her survival. Katniss just wanted to win.
The Hunger Games 345
This book was written when the English language was properly spoken. The author uses many long, fancy vocabulary words and it gives the book a poetic feel.
The most obvious, ironic things about this book is that it's a book written about no books- and burning books.
The conflict in the story is Montag is being influenced by all these people to read books. He gets a deeper understanding about them and is very interested in knowing more.

Fahrenheit 451 68, 110, 148
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