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Search Engines

This is a basic introduction to search engines for middle school students

Joan Booth

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of Search Engines

Search Engines Crawler Based Directory Based How a Search Engine Works websites that collect and
index information from the web examples of
some search engines These search engines create their own indexes. When you make a search you are searching their index - not the entire web. Watch this video Google, along with bing and Yahoo
are crawler based search engines.
They use computer software to find
information on the web. A directory based search engine uses
humans, called "experts", to search and
index information. An example of one is
About.com A metasearch engine uses the other
search engines and brings up their top results for your topic. Dogpile is one. Metasearch Engine Search Engine Tips Here is a video on how
to get the best searches. Watch this video
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