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The new assistant

Here I am; Özlem Oğuz

özlem oğuz

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of The new assistant

Hi from Turkey :) My name is Özlem I was born in Kayseri. My birthday is 22nd of February. I live in Develi with my family. He is 62, and retired. She is 50, housewife My brother is 19 years old, he is studying at university in Ankara. My sister is 21 years old. She is police officer in istanbul I have studied English Language Teaching in istanbul at Marmara University. istanbul I like being with my friends I like playing football, but I cant play well. I like dancing I like being busy by doing different things. I like walkıng on countryside I like painting wall I like collecting things such as postcards, brochures, tickets, magnets I like travelling I like reading books kayseri my father my mother my university thanks for your listening, please ask whatever you want :) I am a language assistant in Uherský Brod I like watching drama, action, epic, comedy and historical movies some of my favorite movies : I like listening folk, pop, R&B, reggae and world music Some of my favorıte singers and music bands: I like riding bicycles my favorite football team is Galatasaray. some of my hobies
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