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This presentation illustrates and describes some of the jobs done within the field of psychology.

Sabrina Gretkierewicz

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Psychology

Psychology works to explain people's thoughts and actions.
It focuses on human beings.
Therefore, psychologists and counselors are constantly interacting and communicating with people as a key aspect of their careers.

I interviewed a psychologist for Oakland Psychological Clinic and a couselor at Oakland University to expand my knowledge about the jobs within psychology.
What do they do?
As a psychologist, Marcia spends her days working with people to help them live more normalized lives. She talks with them to determine what treatment plan would best suit each of their individual needs.
Anne, a couselor at Oakland University, also works with people, helping them with any of their academic questions.
Both spend almost all of their time working one-on-one with individuals.
There is not a lot of writing involved with therapy and appointments for psychology. While there is important note taking, emails, and evaluations, the majority of communication is done verbally.
Controversies and False Perceptions
The major controversies in psychology deal with different approaches and styles. Some people prefer to spend more time, while others make it quick. Also, there are a variety of different psychology theories to choose from. The false perceptions of psychology go hand-in-hand with the controversies because some people think that the therapy is not helpful because they have been to someone whose approach did not work for them. Also, there is a stigma, that although it is diminishing, it can cause people to avoid therapy because of negative stereotypes.
Technology and the Future
Technology has made significant changes occur in the field of psychology. While it enables professionals to communicate more easily, there is a stress on the importance of maintaining the crucial in-person verbal communication, which is so effective in therapy. Thus, if used wisely and not overused, technology advancements has and will continue to enhance the overall quality of therapy and counseling which is predicted to increase in the future.
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