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Tyler Standridge

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of bullying

Our opinion
Alex: Bullying is something that people need to stop doing because the people who bully someone thinks is funny but its not, they are not only hurting the people they bully but there also hurting there self.
Tyler: I think that bullying is wrong and shouldn't happen, no matter what. If you have to pick on someone else to make you feel better you have a problem.
Alexis: I feel that this is a huge issue in America. There are two reasons why, some people think clothes they wear. Or the house they live in but in all reality we all have differences. Some of us are good at sports others academic and so nobody should be ridiculed for being different.
Kendyl: I think that people should not bully because there is no point to bully people. I think bullying is something people do to make feel down.
Work Cited page
Why does Bullying exist?
Its in the news!
Whats going on?
The #1 reason people are bullied
because of people's
such as weight, hair color, or height.
The thing that are being said in the news about bullying is that people need to stop bullying other kids/adults because they are hurting the people they bullying not only in the way as beating them up but also in a emotional way. Yes bullying is the news and its negative.
This problem exist because people always think they are better than others.
A 10-year old boy says he was bullied in school, but he's the one who got hauled off by police and handcuffed. A teen kid said he was pinned to the ground and beaten so bad that he can't see out of his right eye. And A young boy was bullied at his school and then the kids who bulled him started following him to his house so the young boy and his mother decided to move, but two days after they moved the young boy committed suicide. All of these story's have been in the news and they are all signs of bullying.
Everyone thinks that bullying is someone beating a kid... or worse.
Some bully's make kid's do homework, chores, or take their lunch.
A stereotypical bully is someone with many "followers", such as a football team captain. A reality bully is someone who Is constantly picks on kids, today in our society our biggest bully's are Cyber-bullies were people bully other over the internet.

Stereotype Vs Reality
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