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Jamaica Report

Jamaica Report

cullen daniel

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Jamaica Report

Jamaican Music
Rock Steady,
Dub music,
Reggae / Fusion
- Bob Marley is
famous for his
reggae music

Jamaican Food
The cuisine includes arious dishes from the different cultures brought to the island with the arrival of people from else where.
Chinese some of the foods are cabbage,rice and peas,curry goat, dumplings

Jamaican athletics
1.usain bolt won there first of many
medals by smashing his own 100m
world record by 0.03 seconds
2.jamaica was the only country to when 5
of the available gold medals in the sprints other than the american teams of 1984 and 1988
3.usain bolt lined up for the 2.00m final despite looking fatigued for preliminaryrounds in the final he ran a truly astonishing world record time of 19.19 seconds meaning that for everyone of his golds he
had broken the world record . Jamaican Physical Geography
jamaica lies 90 miles (140 km) south of cuba and 118 miles (190 km) west of haiti
the highest area is that of the blue mountain are formed y a central ridge of metamorphic rock
Citation: Wikipedia: 4/19/10 3 Facts
about jamaica

jamaica is an island nation of the grater

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