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Copy of AS2 U3 - U4 Summit 2


Maria Paredes

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of AS2 U3 - U4 Summit 2

Books Open Exercise A Where do you think they are?
What can you tell about the situation from their body language? Unit 4 - Topic preview: Personality and life p.38-39 Summit 2 Advanced 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Dealing With Adversity Group Discussion Match the phrases with the approaches In which group are you? why? Louisa May Alcott Michael Jordan What do you know about them? Lee Salk What Attitude toward adversity do they express? Discuss in pairs Exercise B Group discussion Confirm what you think.
2 groups.
Mention what you discuss with your partner to see if your interpretations differ When you find yourself in a difficult situation, what do you do? What attitudes toward adversity do these reactions express? Sound Bites Predict shaky stuck elevator power went off twenty minutes pitch black out of your mind scared to death Listen and answer 1) What happened to Anne?
2) What made the experience in the elevator so scary?
3) How did she feel? Listen and underline new expressions Exercise D Exercise E Pair discussion STARTING POINT Invent a conversation using different adversities Unit 3 - Lesson 1 Describe a Dangerous or Challenging experience Tenses Game Cards Warm Up Do you think mountain climbing is a dangerous or challenging experience? Have you ever gone mountain climbing? Read the Heading p.28
"Stranded climbers rescued by text message" Do you think most climbers take a cellphone with them? would you? why? why not? 1) What mountain where the two climbers climbing?
2)Where is the mountain located?
3) How was the weather on the way up the mountain?
4) What happened on the way down?
5) Who did Kelsey send and SOS message to?
6) At what time was the message respond?
7) Who else did the climbers get messages from?
8) Why did it take so long for the rescuers to get
to the climbers? Listen and answer Exercise B How would you react if you were faced with a similar problem? Do you think you could survive in such cold weather with so little food? Discuss in groups Grammar Approach PPT From Slide 3 on Explain when the activities mentioned in the sentences occurred. When they arrived, I sent an SOS message.
When they arrived, I had already sent an SOS message.
When they arrived, I was sending an SOS message.
When they arrived, I had been trying to send an SOS message. Take notes on your explanation Compare your answers with the Grammar Box Correct the mistake in the previous cards cards Exercise D Exercise E Grammar exchange Unit 3 Lesson 2 p.30-31 I know what you mean. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop eating. Express frustration/ Support someone That must be disgusting! TASK:Create short dialogues with the following… Empathy
I know what you mean
That must be discouraging.
That must be frustrating.
That must be disappointing. My dog pees on the floor every time I’m not home. I can’t take it any more. Frustration
I give up!
I’m fed up!
I can’t take it any more!
I’ve had it!
I’m at my wits’ end! I’d be frustrated, too. It’s starting to get me down It won’t come down Six months! Give it a little more time Cholesterol What’s the matter I give up! Express frustration, empathy and encouragement Boyzone - No Matter What 1998 Live (The Royal Albert Hall) stereo 16:9 w No Matter What w/Lyrics - Boyzone (Cover By: Pedro Garcia) How would you communicate to someone who's blind, deaf or mute? TRIUMPH OUT OF TRAGEDY writer w-a-t-e-r deaf blind activist university wild frustration Write predictions The Miracle Worker / An Inner Voice 1)Read and confirm your predictions. What obstacles did Helen Keller hace to face in her life? What does this quote mean? Exercise C Pair work Exercise D What are the benefits of having a character like Helen's? Discussion Builder Unit 3 Lesson 3 p.32-33 Don't say it Bubble Cards PPT P.34 Unit3 lesson 4
Webfiles Exercise A exercise B exercise c Choose one word and write sentences using the three different parts of speech.
Read them out loud without mentioning the words chosen
Guess what word fills the gap PRACTICE Read the profiles and suggest ways in which each person is a hero.
Use the chart bellow to help you. DISCUSSION BUILDER
Step 2 Words related to heroism alphabet letters Discussion builder Write a definition for
"Heroism" DEFINITION heroism - the qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger (especially in battle); "he showed great heroism in battle"; "he received a medal for valor" Malden Mills Vaclav Havel Alicia Sorohan STEP 3 Unit 3 Lesson 4 p.34-35 Writing p.36 .37 First
By January
During that time
As soon as
Until Writing: Narrate events logically A dangerous, frightening, or exciting experience.

An obstacle you or someone you know had to overcome. Topics I moved back in Lima in 2006. I had been living in Cusco for a while and I still wasn't used to the noise or traffic here during that time. I mean, Life moves faster in here and we, as well, are in constant danger.

In May 2006 while my husband and I were coming from mother's day celebration in school, a suspicious car made us pull over ours. As soon as it happened we were forced to sit in the back sit of our car and after that they covered our heads with coats... How do the words underlined help when narrating events? What other expressions can help us give our writings a sequence? Write Don't forget to use the language learned in the unit.
Use sequencing words.
Plan your writing before you write. What’s a workshop? What’s a self-help workshop? Have you ever attended a self-help workshop?
If so, What did you learn from it? Insomnia Couch potato sedentary Bite your tongue Jitter Mega Procrastination Postponing doing sth that you should be doing.
Prefix that means “large”
Informal word for nervousness
Idiom that means to be quiet
Not active
Slang term for a sedentary person
Chronic difficulty sleeping DEFINITIONS What is she talking about?
What is it for? Self help workshops and coaching helps people get ahead What are some common topics for self-
help workshops? P.38 Read the Workshops' topics.
choose the one you are most interested in. Discuss in pairs. Exercise B Pair work Listen and answer 1) Who are Meg and Pat talking about?
2) Why are the women talking about them?
3) Is Phil good at keeping secrets? Which workshop on page 38 could
help Carla deal
with her problem? Why? Exercise D Exercise E Create a conversation with the new expressions given in the Sound Bites STARTING POINT PUZZLE CARDS Unit 4 Lesson 1 (40-41) Unit 4 Lesson 2 (42-43) Unit 4 Lesson 3 (44-45) Unit 4 Lesson 4 (46-47) Writing - Checkpoint (48-49) Create the perfect definition for

Fault in sb’s character or problematic attitudes and behaviors, such as
procrastination, pessimism or perfectionism. What’s a pefectionist?
Why do you think being a perfectionist could be a shortcoming?
In what ways might
perfectionism be a
positive attitude?
Do you know any
What other characters
do they have? Pairwork Nothing is ever good enough for me.
Negative attitude
I’m the opposite
Critical enough
Happy medium CONVERSATION SNAPSHOT (predict) Be a perfectionist
Be unable to say no
Have a negative attitude
Wait until the last minute
Take on more than one can handle
Overreact to things Write definitions for the following VOCABULARY WHAT ARE THESE EXPRESSIONS FOR? Compare your definitions with the ones in the book What's your shortcoming? Exercise C Exercise D I believe that the most problematic shortcoming I have is that I’m a perfectionist. This has caused me some familiy trouble. I take a lot of time preparing things for work that sometimes I leave important family time apart. DESCRIBE YOUR SHORTCOMING CONVERSATION STARTER Individual Prezi http://prezi.com/2qa7jmrrn-r_/as2-u4-l2-p42-43/ One day... Suddenly... Then... Afterwards... By the time that... When... In the meantime... Finally... http://prezi.com/2qa7jmrrn-r_/edit/#10_512820 and webfiles PAPER After Vocabulary... Lesson 3 …controlling anger?

hold it back
keep it in
let it go
shrug it off
let off steam …expressing anger?

lose one’s temper
make an issue out of something
say what’s on my mind
take it out on someone
tell someone off Which expressions in the vocabulary describe… What do you think about Michael Chen? Do you think he has to control his anger?

What do you think the listening will be about? Discuss in pairs Expressing anger controlling anger Anger Management (1/8) Movie CLIP - Rage on a Plane (2003) HD How would you have reacted? Use the previews vocabulary to talk about what you watched in the video.
Do you think they could have reacted differently? how? DISCUSSION BUILDER Discussion Builder What’s important in your life? Pre activity Identify what’s important in your life.
I’m Just like that
I’m sort of like that.
I’m just the
opposite. Activity itself In what ways are you and your partner similar?
What advice could you give your partner about how to obtain what’s important in his or her life. Post activity WRITING: WEBFILES A reminder of the important things in life What's the purpose of the video? read and discuss http://english.lingolia.com/en/grammar/tenses-comparison/past-tenses/exercises/articles/past-tenses-mixed-exercise (JUST THE FIRST EXERCISE) http://english.lingolia.com/en/grammar/tenses-comparison/past-tenses/exercises/articles/past-tenses-mixed-exercise Exercises in pairs Yellow Cards What problems did climbers face? How would you react if you were faced with similar problems? use the expressions pasted on the board and support your position ..." be scared to death" Do you think you could survive with such cold weather and little food?
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