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Advanced Interviewing Skills

Are you ready for your upcoming interview? This will help get you prepared! Topics will include interview preparation, tips for answering common questions, communication strategies and self-promotion techniques.

Laura Ledgerwood Garcia

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Advanced Interviewing Skills

Step by Step:
Interview Structure
1. Overview of position
2. Interviewer asks questions
3. Interviewee asks questions
First portion of the interview is critical

Be kind to competition and everyone you meet

Be aware of your surroundings and your audience

Non-verbals = reason many don't get hired
Purpose of Interviews
Determine if you are qualified
Strategic Interviewers...
Let the job description guide them
Advanced Interviewing
Compare you to other candidates and pick the best
See if you are truly interested
Personality: see if you are a "fit"
Lunch or dinner provided
Longer interviews with multiple people
Group interviews - part of the test
More personality focused
Everything you do is under a microscope
Salary questions - do your research
2nd - 5th Round
1st Round
Can I stand to work with this person for long periods of time?
Prepare specific stories
Use examples from various experiences
Know how to set themselves apart using company research
Skills you need to succeed and get the job
Tell me about a time you worked with a difficult person in a team.

Give me a time where you went above and beyond the call of duty on a project or other task.

Can you give me an example of a time where you faced an ethical dilemma and how you handled it?




1. Ask yourself: What does the employer want?

3. Answer: How can I show that I have done company research?
2. Answer: What best qualifies me for this position? What sets me apart?
Tell me about yourself.
Name, Major, Graduation date


Future goal or summary statement
Why are you interested in this position?
Knowledge of the company
Relate your background to THAT role
Passion for the organization
Why should I hire you?
Tell me about a time...
Give me an example...
Can you share a story...
Why would they ask you that?
Past predicts future performance
What are your salary requirements?
Compare and contrast Java to C#.

Your client is a boutique high-scale hotel chain. Profits are slipping and they are coming to you to determine how they can reverse this trend.
- What do tourist families consider when traveling to NYC?

Brain Teaser
How would you move Mount Everest?
If you could be any superhero in the world, who would you be and why?

What is your greatest strength/weakness?
What are your short-term and long term
career goals?
Have you ever been arrested?

Have you ever been convicted?
I gota Job
Interview Types
Answering professionally
- "Hello, this is ____"

Not understanding tone

Lacking enthusiasm
Common Mistakes
Forgetting water

Not telling your friends and family not to call

Distracting noises
What do employers evaluate during in-person interviews?
Informal Settings
Group Interviews
Career Center
Laura Garcia
Candidate ?s
Do this: I saw in the job description that I would work on a, b and c. Can you walk me through a typical week and what my top priorities should be?

NOT that: What is a typical week like in this role?
Demonstrate your research
Make a Statement
Demonstration of Company Reserach
Ask a Question
Final Tips
Mock Interviews
Skillsoft: Books 24x7
Vault Guides
The University of Georgia
Career Center
Advanced Interviewing
Skills you need to succeed and get the job
Laura Garcia
The University of Georgia

A UGA student brought a Mac to a Microsoft interview...
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