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No description

Colleen Cahill

on 29 June 2010

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Transcript of QuikFlavor

QuikFlavor The Problem... The Solution... 17 oz. packets of powdered flavor
13 flavors for water, coffee, soft-drinks, cocktails
Sugar free, 5 calories per serving

Have your drink with whatever flavor you’re in the mood for, when you want, wherever you are!
Business Model Low cost to produce
Can sell at retail for attractive price
Large contribution margin
Variable costs expected to decrease
Customer Value Proposition Low price
Variety of flavors
Fun to use
Competitive Advantage QUICKER than stopping on your commute for a hazelnut coffee.

CHEAPER than buying a bottle of flavored water.

EASIER than stocking up on flavored soda for your next party.

HEALTHIER than the typical sugary flavored drink.

TASTIER than your normal beverage.

...Did we mention it’s fun too?

Designed for use with more than just water
Cocktail line truly unique concept
Variety of flavors
Brand positioning
- Symbol of individuality and creativity
- Escape from daily routine
Knowledge of target market
Marketing Plans
13 flavors
Variety box of 15 packets
Set of 3 packets of same flavor
15 packets for $6.29
3 packets for $1.42
Gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores
Impromptu purchase site
Expand to grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Target
TV Ads
Facebook, twitter
Rely on word of mouth
Competition Crystal lite, Ocean Spray, Nestle
ALL designed for water
Unique purpose and image
Complement to mainstream beverages
QuikFlavor Team Our management team consists of four students from Purdue University.

What gives our team an edge:
Business related majors
We are the exact age of our primary target market
-Understand needs and wants of target market
-Know how to appeal to age group
Team member with entrepreneurship certificate
Experience in marketing and market research
Strong analytical skills
Financial planning experience
QuikStart Capital would enable us to...
Attain office and production space
Purchase equipment
Launch all four product lines
Set up distribution and purchase points
Launch marketing campaign
...by the end of 2010.
Projections and Financial Need Questions? http://www.wix.com/ccahill/quikflavor
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