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Hearts and Hands {MK 6th period}

No description

Ingraham 11

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Hearts and Hands {MK 6th period}

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Rising Action CLIMAX!!!! Mr. Easton lied to the young woman about his real reasoning of being there! Oh no! Hearts and Hands Meagan K. Exposition Falling Action The lady believes that Mr. Easton is a cop and the real cop is the criminal.
They chat for a while, but then the young lady speaks of how she would LOVE to stay in the west. So to save Mr. Easton from embaressing himself in front of his former love, the rea cop askes to go get a smoke. The two handcuffed men board the train bound east and meet the young, wealthy lady. Then, the young lady recognizes Mr. Easton. After a little chat, the lady sees that the two men are handcuffed together. On a Denver train, there was a pair of men handcuffed together. Also on the train, there is a very elegant lady who happens to know one of the handcuffed men, Mr. Easton. A couple on the same train asked each other if they had ever seen a cop cuff the criminal to his right hand. So this leads the readers to believe that Mr. Easton was indeed the criminal. Resolution Theme People will always try to make themselves look appealing to the people, even if it means lying. CONFLICT: Internal External because he was showing her that he wasn’t a criminal, even though he was. OPINION PIECE I selected this because i liked it the best. I liked it the best because it has a cop pretending to be a criminal for love. I don't have any questions.
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