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No description

Tyler Richardson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of CHINA!!!!!!

China's Government Chinas government is controlled by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party.) Human Rights:) Basic freedoms such as fredom
of speeech and religion. Mulan:) Mulan was a female living in china, her father was drafted for the army but his age doesnt go along with that situation, so his daughter Mulan took his place in disguise of a dude serves for her dad in the chinese army. Chinese society about 65% of chineseians live in rural areas. Most of china is crowded into the river valleys of eastern china Economic changes in China b/c of chinas economic changed now has one of the worlds fastest growing economies farm output has risen rapidly dispite the fact that only 10% land can be farmed CHINA!!!:D China's environment China's economic growth has harmed the environment china burns much coal for fuel. As a result many cities have poluted the air. Hong Kong and Macao. The territories of Hong Kong and Macao play an important role in the economic changes taking place in China. chinese baby! Taiwan taiwan is a island about
100 miles from
china. Mongolia north of china and is a
landlocked country. China invented allot of the stuff that "we" invened we basically stole ideas. Thoughts....
The Great wall :] Its the number one tourist
attraction in the world. hint: this is a game but
our activity.
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