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Spectra Energy Pipeline Maintenance- NE US

Brian Young

Brian Young

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Spectra Energy Pipeline Maintenance- NE US

Willbros Group, Inc.
Lineal Industries, Inc.
Spectra Energy
Pipeline Maintenance-Northeast U.S.

February 18, 2014

Michael Futch
Scott Hunsberger
Matt Plautz
Tom Rogers
Brian Young

Technical Competency

Lineal on-site management team
Superintendent & Foreman
Qualifications and Roles
Account Management-
Service level management
Issue Resolution
Diversity & Local Content:
Track record and past successes
Commitments in the NE and Clients
Point of Contacts and roles


Willbros U.S. Construction-
TRIR 0.00, Rolling 12 Month TRIR 0.24

Lineal Industries-
TRIR 0.00, Rolling 12 Month TRIR 0.44

• Willbros Safety Primers

We believe that great safety is not a cost, but an investment with a high return, and a key part of a high performance evaluation.

We approach each and every safety incident with a mindset that is is preventable.

Safety Milestones
& Awards

• Willbros is currently one of two contractors to use
plasma technology in mainline pipeline construction

• Willbros uses Barracuda Cutting Systems, which is a diesel-powered mobile
plasma cutter
- The system saves both time and money
by eliminating 99% of
Oxyfuel. The technology also leaves a slick non-slag bevel, which
decreases grinding and in-turn provides a safer work environment.

• Twice as fast with increased safety
Our Values
Best Practices &
Lessons Learned
Transition Plan
Critical Success Factors

Transition Management:
Company Overview:
A Good Job On Time... Done Right!
Willbros received the 2012 Health and Safety Award from the International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA)

Willbros was a finalist for the 2013 World Oil Awards for the Best Health, Safety, Enironmental (HSE)/Sustainable Development for the Oshore Division.

Multiple Superintendents that have reached milestone manhours without a recordable (500,000, 750,000, and 1,000,000 man hours)

Performance Management:
A Good Job On Time... Done Right!
Transition & Performance

Lineal Industries has more than 60 years of experience as a leading turn key utility construction service provider. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Lineal operates throughout the East Coast to serve utility, municipality and pipeline customers.
Willbros has a rich, dynamic history dating back to 1908. That year, the Williams brothers, David and Miller, joined together to start a construction business. Their stellar reputation was planted early and they were known as men of their word who took on challenging projects and delivered results as promised. More than a century later, WIllbros has grown to a globablly recognized Company, known for ingenuity, perseverance and completion of some of the toughest engineering and construction projects ever undertaken.
Resources and Capacity:

Lineal Supervisor's Tenure
and work experience

Availability & Responsiveness
or having the right people @ right place @ right time

Limitations/Constraints on personnel & equipment

Subcontracting Strategy/Qualification

Capabilities/Constraints in Ramp-up/Ramp-down
Monitoring, Managing & Improving Value
Metrics to evaluate and working with Spectra to incorporate evaluation criteria
Use of a Project Engineer &
the Technical Advantage it
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