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History Project

No description

Travis Smutz

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of History Project

Entering America
My family would have entered through Ellis Island.
My ancestors would have waited Ellis Island until they were accepted, and then brought into New York.
Interactions with Americans
Germans were generally welcomed into America. However, some Germans who practiced Lutheranism would have been discriminated against. They may have faced other problems with having to learn English.
Job #2: Railroad Construction
Transcontinental Railroad went across the U.S.
Required metal tracks and wooden boards
Job #1: Steel Mills
Located in the North
12 hour shifts, which caused many accidents
Used large furnaces and melting iron
Family Name
Smutz originated in Germany
The meaning is from a derogatory term for dirt
Job Choice
I would have chosen to be a railroad worker, because it wasn't as dangerous as most of the other jobs. I would have worked around 12 hours a day, and got paid about $1.00.
American History Presentation
By Travis Smutz
Job #3: Oil Drills
Located all over the U.S.
Needed workers to manage the drill and keep it working
Workers used wrenches, hammers, and other tools
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