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Teacher Tutorial

No description

Go English Live

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Teacher Tutorial

Teacher Tutorial Welcome to Go English live Tech based company that takes advantage of all the opportunities that the internet can offer us. Applying these tools to teaching English. First Step You must have a Gmail account Calender Email Google + Hang outs Attendance If it is filled out We know what to bill and what to pay Google Docs Sharing documents What are the important folders Attendance Teaching material We share not send docs- only one copy. Where everyone can work together Class Audio Set up contacts Tabs for entries Secure Can share your calender with other people in our team Having an account in Gmail will give you access to all of the tools you need to work with us. The top tab is always the same and gives you access to everything Calender Access people
in the group Set up your calender with the classes you have and let me know when you are busy. email It's Facebook's competition Why is it important Hang outs Our contacts All of the audio of all our
teaching material is here Each File can be downloaded- for class use Listening exercises are extremely necessary for a successful class Each teacher has to have some way of reproducing the listening excersises cell phone laptop the use of small speakers This is how we take attendance This document is shared in google docs Date Teacher's name Level Google excel It's similar to Microsoft excel but
the document can be shared and
seen by various people By having only on doc online
we never have to send emails Be careful at the bottom of the page you can find tabs that let you go from one month to another. We have digital copies of our teaching material. As you continue working with us you will have more access to more material. Thanks Students have to take exams 1st step Their pass word is always the same Usuario:email
Password:scellnumber All teachers will have access to the exams and need to try things out before hand s3103896369 example much better presents problems Our team Mauricio Lopez General director Melisa Rodas generaldirector@goenglishlive.com Assistant assistant@goenglishlive.com Camilo
Restrepo Commercial Director comercialdirector@goenglishlive.com Juan David Gomez Technical support technicalsupport@goenglishlive.com cell:316-474-1330 cell:321 661-4372 cell:301-491-2646 cell:310-389-6369 Any questions feel free to ask We will also send you both Student tutorials Business Classes No enseñamos Finansas ni negocios, Es Lenguage finaciero y de negocios. Our guide book Example class I want to run you through a class. 1st step 2nd step 3rd step 4th step Basic English
Course from A1-C1 of the CEF Intermediate 1 are the first 8 units Each student can take his exam here Each exam will be registered under their names Exams Cloud computing You have to Access the Platform
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