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Pennsylvania Life In the Early 1800's

No description

abigail morales

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Pennsylvania Life In the Early 1800's

The daily life was tough. For examples the slaves still had no civil rights. Typically the men farmed. The woman stayed home and cleaned. The children went to school. They had the choice to finish or continue. Daily Life In the early 1800s the economy was based on tobacco, leather making, lumbering, and publishing. Pennsylvania's economy was most noticeable after the 1830s because of a shift to machinery and factories in the textiles industry. Economy Transportation The most used transportation in Pennsylvania was by foot, water ways, horse, and some crude roads. Communication The most used communication was by newspapers and writing letters. Sometimes the newspapers even advertised things such as animals that were lost stolen or found. Usually it was to keep up with the politics. Life In the Early 1800's Pennsylvania
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