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The Empowered Researcher

No description

Greg Hundermark

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Empowered Researcher

The Empowered Researcher What are search engines similar to? Explain. If I do a Google search for "the best christmas presents 2012", the results will look like this... If I do a Yahoo search for "the best christmas presents 2012", the results will look like this... People/companies can bid on any keyword search term. Some are more costly than others. Why might it not be in the best interest of the researcher to click the top result(s) in a search engine? How do search engines work? Search engines collect information about WWW content by using programs called robots or spiders.
robots or spiders are automated browsers that roam the Web and collect information such as text, titles of pages, and meta-tags (keywords) from documents.
Information is pulled into a search engine database, where it is indexed into smaller chunks of information. How do search engines
collect information? November, Alan C. Web Literacy for Educators. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2008. Print. When someone conducts a search, your keywords are matched against the search engine database.

Results are sent back and displayed as links.

Search engines do not search the entire Web at the moment you enter keywords into the search box.

They only search within their own database!
This is how your results appear so quickly. Do all search engines work the same way? Search engines do not all work the same way.
Some focus more on pages
Some ‘crawl’ the web more often.
Others evaluate keywords differently or count the number of links going in or out of a site.
Different search engines serve different purposes
Technorati only searches within blog postings
Podscope searches for audio and video. NO!

When you go shopping, chances are you will head to the store most likely to have what you are looking for.

hardware, groceries, clothes, or appliances -- certain stores are appropriate for your needs. SHOPPING Search Engines

Search Engines are relatively the same.
There are “specialty” search tools specific for each need. A False Sense of Security Just because paid listings are grouped in a specific section with a clear heading does not mean that the rest of your results are safe from manipulation. Here's how Google ranks results:

Using a highly sophisticated mathematical algorithm (method/ process).
Google takes into consideration factors like.
The actual domain name.
The title of the Web site.
The number of links going to that site from others. Consider what you typed for
#12 & #13, what conclusion can you draw? How does this compare to high school/life? "Google" the keyword 'octopus', and explain which of the top ranking results is alarming/concerning. o What this means is that the results of your search do not necessarily have anything to do with the quality of the information.
Just like in high school, popularity does not always equal the best! Google in the U.S. & China
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