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No description

John Larh

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Convection

So What is Convection ? Convection Is The Transfer Of
Heat From One Place To Another
By The Movement Of Fluids.
(Example;Liquids,Gases) So How Does Convection Takes Place ?
-Convection Takes Place Due To The
Expansion Of The Fluid.When The Fluid
Is Hot, Its Volume Will Increases.
This Means Its Density Had Decreases... Next,The Less Dense Fluid Then
Rises And Floats Up While The Denser
Fluid Flows In To Its Places.
This Is Convection. We Are Coming To The End Of The
Presentation.. Let Us Present You
Guys A Video On Convection :) -End-
Thank You For Your Attention :)
MadeBy:John(38) ,Ivan(28)
Researcher:Kai(25),Daniel(22) Convection
[Group9]Daniel,Kai,John,Ivan Did You Know !?
A Boiling Water Is An Example Of Convection.Yes!
First The Heat Passes Into The Water By Conduction
Through The Metal Of The Heating Element. Question That Was Ask Frequently By People
-Can Convection Take Place In Solid ? The Answer Is No. But Why ? (Because Neither Bulk Current Flows Nor Significant Diffusion Can Take Place In Solids Unlike Fluids.)
If You Dont Understand What (...) Means It Simply Say That Convection Currents Occur As A Result Of The Movement Of A Body.Since Solid Cant Move So Convection Only Occur In Fluids And Not Solids.
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