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Equality for Homosexuals

No description

Alan Ly

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Equality for Homosexuals

What rights are homosexuals
being denied because of laws
opposing gay marriage?
Oppose :: Gay Marriage
Gay Marriage :: Support
Why does legalizing Gay Marriage
can make America a real "Free
Country"? by Sawyer Lehrer
Why should gay marriage be
legal when the bible doesn't allow it?
Gay parenting effects on children
Should homosexuals be able
to redefine the laws marriage?
heterosexuals have the right to a law allowing them rights to their deceased spouses belongings. (property, land, etc.)
homosexuals do not have any protected rights
homosexuals are being denied this right due to their sexual orientation.
Gay marriage brings out a sense of freedom in a homosexual person
America can become a perfect place if issues like Gay Marriage is legalized
In the 70s America was a general free place to be, and impacting this era was being vocal about being homosexual
On 5/2/13, Rhode Island became the tenth state to legalize gay marriage, also I saw a picture of men and women that were overcome with joy on the legalization of the matter
Marriage is the "formal union between
man and woman recognized by law"
law clearly states marriages are between man
and woman, not same gender.
it will create a stigma because that is redefining the law.
Will Gay Marriage lower our foster kid numbers?
There are many examples in the bible supporting the idea that god is against homosexual marriage.
Leviticus 18:22- homosexual sex is an abomination and a detestable sin
Roman 1:26-27- homosexual desires and actions are shameful and indecent
1 Corinthians 6:9- homosexuals are unrighteous and won't inherit the kingdom of god
Legalizing gay marriage would be going against god's desire.
Equality for Homosexuals
100,000 kids eligible for adoption
Gays are often denied privileges to adopt
Studies show Children with two moms/two dads; are just as successful as children with with hetero. parents
In fact some are rated higher socially & with academic success
Hard to disentangle possible negative effects
Most statements about gay adoptions; normative opinions
Not "The Voice of Science"
"Homosexuals do not have the right to redefine
the laws of marriage."
The Ending Goal..
Homosexuals aren't asking for society's approval, but
for the governments legalization. Homosexuals are
just asking for equality. Considering this is the "Land
of the Free" why is that so much to ask for? I believe
our country should work towards equality for all, no
matter their sexual orientation. Is it politically correct
to create a law based on a book written 35 hundred
years ago? Considering 47% of Americans don't believe
in it, it's unjust to continue to judge by it. Homosexuals
are yearning for their right to "the pursuit
of happiness."

Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Ft. Mary Lambert
Distorted Relationships
- Having gay parents isn't "natural"
- Child will be gay, as the parents are models
- Children are cruel
- Child will struggle in school
Proper role models
- "To grow up to be a well-balanced adult, children need role models of both sexes," According to The First Post's about gay marriage adoption.
Homosexuality became a highlighted controversial issue around the 1980's during the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In the beginning it was predominantly gay males who caught the deathly disease. This epidemic was the infrastructure to the overwhelming prejudice that we still see today. It is estimated to be that 10% of males and 5% of females are openly homosexual. We believe our country should work towards equality for all, regardless their sexual orientation.
Mia Meisse
Arie Searcy
Arie Searcy
By Savanna Giorgi
Legal Issues
Marriage Laws
Religious Beliefs
Alan Ly
Arie Searcy
Mia Meisse
Savanna Giorgi
Sawyer Lehrer
Alan Ly
Foster Kids
Images received from google.com/images and videos
are from youtube.com
How does homosexual parenting affect children?
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