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Math Elevator (Absolute Values)

Learning about and how to use absolute values in Algebra!!

Erik Westerberg

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Math Elevator (Absolute Values)

Love me some Absolute Values... Math Elevator NOW WE WILL USE THIS BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF ABSOLUTE VALUES IN OUR ACTIVITY Combining the definitions of absolute and value we get the worth of something regarded as universally valid or viewed without relation to other things.

Actual definition....

Absolute Value: The absolute value of a number is a distance a number is from 0.

THINK DISTANCE! ACTUAL DEFINITION OF ABSOLUTE VALUE The symbol to signify an Absolute Value is |x|.

When a number is inside these bars you read in English... Symbolizing for Absolute Value Why is knowing about Absolute Values important in math?????????? Split up into your groups and I will hand out today's direction sheet for our activity... What is the symbol for an Absolute Value? What is absolute about an absolute value What is an absolute value to you? Why do we use absolute values? How should I think about Absolute Values? Why do I need to know about Absolute Values? QUESTIONS questions QUESTIONS Definition of Absolute Definition of Value A value or principle regarded as universally valid or viewed without relation to other things. Estimate the monetary worth of something Absolute values will often be used in our algebra class when discussing the positive difference between two things.

The absolute value of anything is always positive because it is the distance away from 0.

You can't have a negative distance... Application Example Ex: A manufacturer has a tolerance of 0.36 lb for a bag of potting soil advertised as 9.6 lb. Write and solve an absolute value inequality that describes unacceptable weights for “9.6 lb” bags. |actual weight - ideal weight| > tolerance Enjoy this video as a hands on introduction to how Absolute Values work... Food for Thought Example 1: |4| is the Absolute Value of 4. Example 2: |-4| is the Absolute Value of -4. |w - 0.96| > 0.36 Now we solve for w.
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