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Google Adwords

No description

Kasey Kaplan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Google Adwords

Double click anywhere & add an idea Google AdWords StepOne What Did We Do? Created and managed an online marketing campaign using Google AdWords for StepOne
Conducted depth interviews with both customers and company owner to uncover the needs and search behavior of the target market.
Developed ad copy, set cost structure, tracked results, and optimized campaign results to improve ROI.
Increased brand awareness by generating 169,067 impressions of StepOne’s ads with an average cost per impression of $1.11
Total clicks: 180 (prior to campaign there were less than 9/month)
Paid online advertising
Quality Score
Geographic region
Budget/time controlls Jackson, Mi
Sports shoe store
local owner
lots of brands
Believes in Trust Our Campaign! 2 AdGroups Running Events Shoes Running Events Race Specific Ads:
Michigan (31)
Jackson (25)
2010 (7)
Racing (6) Step One
Custom Running Needs
Find Local Races: Call 517-7886140
www.StepOneUs.com Shoes Shoe/Brand Specific:
Shoes (16)
Women (15)
Men (6)
Shoe (6) Step One: Shoes
All Athlets, All Shoes, All Sports
Student Discount! Call 517-788-6140
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