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Ear Stretching

No description

Caitlin Kuria

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Ear Stretching

Caitlin Kuria Ear Stretching Plugs Terminology *Find out what size your ears are! Before You Begin... *Dead Stretching means putting in a larger size without any additional jewelry. Stretching *Stretching too fast can cause a blowout! Tissue from the lobe will turn itself inside out from the pressure inside the hole! This can permanently damage the look of your ear! EW!!! WARNING Gauge Taper Tunnel Spiral *If done "at the mall" (claire's, piercing pagoda) then you are probably at a 20g or 18g. *If done at a shop by a professional, you will start at a 16g. *If your ears are not already pierced, go to a professional! Piercing guns can damage your ears! *You can start at 16g. Never skip sizes! Sizing *If your ear has not fully healed since your last piercing or size-up, use a taper to gradually stretch the size of the hole. *Tapers are NOT jewelry. Even though they come in different designs, they should only be used for stretching. *If you need lubrication, use a water-based oil as opposed to a jelly or thick oils like vaseline. *You should never feel pain when stretching. You may feel a slight resistance, but if you feel pain then your ears are not ready to size-up! *Saline can be used to clean piercings, and should be used multiple times a day to avoid infections! *Massaging the earlobe can stimulate bloodflow to the hole and provide faster healing. *Avoid double flared plugs that can cause the skin around the hole to contract causing skin to close around the plug, making it impossible to remove the jewelry! *Some ears can't and won't stretch! Don't try to force your body to do something it is not capable of! Many jewelry stores sell fake plugs to make it appear as if your ears are stretched. It's 100% safe. *Although everybody is different, generally once you stretch your ear over 00g, the hole may not go back to it's original size. *Remember, like a tattoo, stretching your ears can be permanent so think wisely before any body modification. BE SAFE! "Natural Plugs"
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