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The PIXAR Theory

No description

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The PIXAR Theory

The first animal in the timeline is Remy from Ratatouille.

Finding Nemo
The Alleged Timeline
One Second
In the Pixar Universe there are two ways we go down the timeline we have machines and animals
What is the PIXAR Theory
The Pixar theory is a theory thought up by Jon Negroni who explained that the all of the PIXAR films are set in one timeline
We are going down the animal route
After Brave we see that animals behave like humans due to the fact that they were previously.
The story about a father-son relationship
The Pixar Theory
Brave is the first film in the timeline it is set in 14-15th century Scotland
Merida discovers "will of wisps" when she goes to see a WITCH to change her fate/destiny.
This then inadvertently changes her mother into a bear however it is not a regular bear. The bear is acting like a human in the film meaning somehow the magic keeps the human ability in that person.
The Witch in BRAVE is weird because she vanishes through doors before she gives Merida the potion to change her fate we also see inanimate object such as brooms and knifes acting like humans in the film.
Remy is more advanced than other animals in this time period he wants to cook which is only humans do.
Not only does he want to cook he is the best cook on the planet meaning he has evolved faster and is now better than humans at an activity only exclusive to them
Up is the second film in the timeline for animals this is because in Ratatouille everybody finds out that the head chef is a Rat.
The man on the left is Charles Muntz a world famous explorer and inventor who was Carl and Ellie's idol.
He is an inventor, and after the actions of Remy in Ratatouille he realised that animals are smarter than we believe. So he invented translation collars for the dogs.
One of these dogs was Dug. He evolved faster just like Remy and he was able to communicate to humans
This adds to the evolution of animals and the translator collars make it easier for animals and humans to talk to each other (Remy couldnt talk to the chef)
Marlin navigates he way across the ocean to Sydney to find his son.
He wakes up and we see what the ocean is now like they have schools, motorway systems and many networks.
In the movie we see Humans polluting the ocean and taking fish to be experimented on i.e. Dory is a fish that was caught by divers and experimented on that's why she is very forgetful in the movie.
But she has evolved faster than the other fish in some cases.
The Machines
The Incredibles
Toy Story 1,2,3
Cars 1,2
The Incredibles are super heroes
Syndrome creates zero point energy
Omnidroid "Killbot" is created by Syndrome to kill all the super heroes on earth however this fails because he has created a learning robot.
Inevitably it learns why does he need to follow orders from him. This means that the AI has a mind of it's own and doesnt follow orders from humans
Which leads to...
The zero point energy that Syndrome creates is unseen energy that travels in wavelengths
Meaning it has been absorbed by Toys who are now sentient
They create rules and realise that human love is a source of energy which they live on.
Toy Story 1 they see what happens to toys that are isolated from humans.
Also in Toys 1 they rise up against Sid the Toy destroyer as he does not show love towards Toys.
In Toy Story 2 the now sentient objects are questioning their life as they discover it is dangerous to not live with humans. Jesse hates Emily for abandoning her and choses to live in a museum with the others. (DIE)

In Toy story 3 we meet Lots-o'-Huggin' bear who absolutely hates humans because his owner left him behind and replaced him. He hates the fact that mans discard toys like they are nothing. This then increases the likely hood of there being a war between Machines and Animals vs Humans.
The animals rose up against the humans to stop polluting the earth (BNL) but they didn't listen meaning that machines had to save the humans from the animals killing them.

In UP we are formally introduced to the corporation Buy 'n' Large (BnL) they are buying everything in the city as they want to expand their corporation
The remaining humans were sent on the Axiom leaving behind machines in the shape of cars.
We know that the cars took over Earth because when they go to other places in cars 2 there is Japan, Italy and easter eggs showing previously human owned buildings turned into cars buildings.
However in Cars 2 a company called ALLINOL this company used green energy as a catalyst for a fuel war. However this company got a bad brand image in Cars 2 as they destroyed the cars. It was owned by BNL.
In Wall-e we see the Earth polluted and uninhabitable but how did this happen?
Wall-e is the last remaining robot on earth this is because he is like a human
he watches old films and has a friend who is a cockroach which made him sustain
his fulfillment and personality.
Hundreds of years ago Humans left the Earth for the Axiom which is the ship in Wall-e. The humans on board are surrounded by machines this is because they remembered that the love of the humans is another power source so they give the humans everything
Wall-e finds a plant on earth meaning life is now sustainable so humans can return
As there aren't that many it would take a while for them to repopulate the earth
A Bug's Life
At the end of Wall-e we see EVE and Wall-e plant the plant on earth nearly 100 years later that plant grow to be the home tree in A Bug's Life
The ants in a bugs life live longer than they did before this is due to evolution and mutated genes
In the movie the other bugs say to Flik watch out for snakes, birds and other big insects not humans because there are not enough of them to be worried about.
They also have cities just like humans before them showing the evolution
Monster's Inc
Monsters Inc happens way in the future almost 2000 years in the future
How did they get here
In Monster's inc they have universities which is just like humans.
They have been taught that humans are toxic so they scare them to generate power for their version of the world not realising before that they were the source the mechanical time traveling doors and the monsters work together to get a source of power.
We met Boo in monsters inc
She met Sully through a door
and he left and she never saw
him again
She would never be the same again
She devoted her life in
finding Sully again
She is the Witch
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